Nikita Singla

Consultant . International Affairs. Sciences Po Paris. Engineer. IIT Delhi. Solo Backpacker. Yoga Trainer

Welcome! I’m Nikita, a young 20 something who lives part time in Delhi, part time in Paris and part time on the road. My mission for my twenties is three fold – travel to interesting places, meet interesting people and write about their interesting stories. As I travel, I am intrigued to understand the dynamics of how different countries play out on a global field.

So if you see me, I can be spotted reading, writing my blog or admiring my yoga postures. This is where you can read what I write.

Have an interesting story to share, an innovative idea in mind, an inspiring travel experience to narrate? I would love to connect.

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What’s new?

Talk: Overcoming Geographic and Mental Barriers @TEDxParis organized L’Echappée Volée



Crossing Borders: Why every Indian should visit Pakistan! @Dawn



Economics of Women Talent in India: Fact or Fashion? @HuffingtonPost


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