They say it right – You can leave Europe, but it will never leave you!

I just never feel done. It has been three years but I think I can keep writing about it for ages. It feels like I have left a small part of me there. God wish, I keep doing that with all parts of the world. Europe! You are great. You are heavenly. My experiences in your countries, through your various cultures has played a major role in shaping what I am today, the kind of person I am.

Travel makes you go through changes which you have not even thought of, not even aimed at, and not even realize when they do happen. I introspect and see those changes happening in me, happening at a fast pace. These are the changes that make you undergo a metamorphosis. The whole perspective of looking at things becomes different. You realize there is nothing in your life that you cannot change. You are responsible for all the good and bad out there.

I always thought I need to find somebody like me, exactly like me for a friend, for a life partner, for everybody. Staying alone for years after years told me that I need to stop looking for “me”. I already have “me” inside me. Let me look for something different, let me learn from new people, let me get connected to the world outside. I always made a point to travel in a group where I didn’t know anybody. That gave me the chance to leave behind everything and get lost in a different culture, with different people, in a different country. Believe me, that part of the world is just so beautiful.


As I write this, I cannot stop myself from remembering my trip to Belgium. I travelled with two fellow students – one Chinese and one Brazilian and our only common language was French. Yes, spending just three days like this was a lot of head cracking, struggling to convey with actions and broken French words with Chinese, Brazilian and Indian accents, but it was worth the experience. This was followed by a trip to Stockholm in mid – December. Though the time of the year was challenging by itself, to top it off, it was with two French friends. We drove from Douai to Brussels to catch the flight for Stockholm. Can you travel somewhere without knowing where to stay? I was unaware of the existence of that concept. It was freezing cold and we calmly slept off at the Brussels airport that night. You don’t book a cab to catch your international flight. Neither was that concept in my head. On our way back, I hadn’t imagined that we would be running around Stockholm at 4 in the morning, looking for public transport to make our way to the airport.


All these experiences settle somewhere deep inside you and become unforgettable memories for life time. Europe, I will come back to have all the more fun with you!


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