An 8-year-old in Paris: Gave a New Hope for India and Pakistan

Back in 2014, it was my first visit to Pakistan, to Lahore. I was the youngest of a 16-member delegation going from India to Pakistan for a conference on South Asia People’s Union. I vividly remember crossing the Wagah border chanting my Sanskrit mantras, gazing awestruck at the red sandstone expanse of the Badshahi Mosque,... Continue Reading →


And she said: My name is Beauty!

“Hold on! Give me a minute! I am getting a little old!” This was from an 84 year old, I met while traveling in Lucknow in Northern India. A Canadian lady in her mid eighties was backpacking solo across Asia. When I skipped stairs and got to the top of a temple in seconds, she... Continue Reading →

Because I have roots and wings…

Though 2015 had 365 days like any other year, it seemed like a decade to me. Summer of 2015 was physically challenging with a broken foot and tick bite, but the Fall equally exciting - I moved to Paris! I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of my stay in Paris. This city is beautiful! I... Continue Reading →

Summer of 2015

'I want to go to the Tiger Kingdom in Thailand, I want to be by the side of Mekong, I want to see Angkor Wat, and I want to do yoga in Bali', that was my idea of summer 2015 every time I thought about it. ‘It is unbelievably crazy’, ‘you are running away from... Continue Reading →

My quest for Islam

I was in Mysore, the yoga capital of India. In one of the yoga teacher training courses that I was attending with ten different nationalities in the same room, a fellow yogi from the west asked the teacher, “Say I have a Muslim student in my class and he refuses to chant ‘Om’ in the... Continue Reading →

Interviewing Smriti Irani…

The question isn’t who is going to ‘let’ me; It’s who is going to ‘stop’ me! One of Smriti Irani’s favorites, perfectly describes her own story! Smriti Irani needs no introduction. From the protagonist Tulsi in the famous Hindi television soap opera, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ to the youngest member of the Rajya... Continue Reading →

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