Nikita Singla

Consultant . International Affairs. Sciences Po Paris. Engineer. IIT Delhi. Solo Backpacker. Yoga Trainer


India needs more women in leadership roles: Here is a look at shocking reality @Financial Express

Subnational Diplomacy: Restructuring Constituent Foreign Policy of India @Economic and Political Weekly Vol. 52, Issue No. 22, 03 Jun, 2017


Missing Women in India @Financial Express

Book: Public Private Partnership, Asian Perspectives, Recommendations for Azerbaijan @SAM (Center for Strategic Studies, Baku, Azerbaijan), ISSN: 2218-8436 @AzerPress



Regional Trade Barriers in South Asia: SAARC lagging behind ASEAN @Samvad SIBM Pune Research Journal, Vol XII, 54-61, December 2016

Lessons for Ghana in the Malaysian Economic Miracle @Africa at London School of Economics 

Sufis in Pakistan: Missionaries, Warriors or Statesmen @South Asia Hudson Institute, @South Asia Journal, @Eurasia Review

Economics of Women Talent in India: Fact or Fashion? @HuffingtonPost

Confronting Gender Violence in India: Is Slum Free Urban Policy a Solution? @London School of Economics South Asia Centre

Talk: Overcoming Geographic and Mental Barriers @TEDxParis organized L’Echappée Volée


Hospitality Beyond Borders: My South Asian Family in Paris @Dawn

The Pitfalls of Multi-Lateral Governance in a Multi-Polar World @The Huff Post India

Huff Post

Panel discussion on India Pakistan Peace Building @India News and @Din News Pakistan


Youth and Leaders Talks organized by TedxParis and Sciences Po

Is India a level playing field for investment? @South Asia Journal

‘You can take it easy, you are a woman’ @Dawn


Crossing Borders: Why every Indian should visit Pakistan! @Dawn  @Tribune of USA  @Pakistan Defence @Indus Asia Online Journal


A 20-something crosses the border to Pakistan    @NDTV



A personal case for liberalizing Indo-Pak border crossing @South Asia Journal

International relations work, especially pertaining to regional cooperation in South Asia, featured in local media:


My experience of visiting Lahore (translated in Urdu) in South Asia Partnership Pakistan’s Newsletter


My experience of visiting Lahore (translated in Hindi) published in Hindustan

interview lahore

Interview with Dunya Lahore – Role of youth to promote India Pakistan peace

Opening of Sadqi Border - Meeting with Fazilka Trade Community

For opening of Sadqi Border between India and Pakistan – Meeting with Fazilka Trade Community

Opening of Hussainiwala Border - Meeting with BJP Punjab President and Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur

For opening of Hussainiwala Border between India and Pakistan – Meeting with BJP Punjab President and Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur

13th World Conference on Transport Research, Brazil, 2013 – Analysis of Pedestrian Perception Towards Pedestrian Facilities


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